The developer has not uploaded a Prototype for EMS yet...

Warning : Needs an electrical muscle stimulator device to work.

Dr. Keyborg is a prototype using the EMS device. You are a cyborg directing his own arm surgery. You'll have to replace and carefully remove some pieces of your robotic limb. Each time you slip and touch something else than the targeted pieces you'll receive an electric pulse to simulate the robotic nerves on screen. The main goal of this game was not to be able to pick out which arm was going through his own surgery.

By using :

- Use "&" to change the stylus for the grabber

- Use "é" to change the grabber for the stylus

- Use the left click to lower your tool

- Use the right click to hold your tool steady

- Use the mouse wheel to open and close the grabber tip

- Use "R" to restart the level

Published Feb 17, 2015
GenreSimulation, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags3D, electric, Game Jam, Physics, prototype, stimulation, Unity